Board of Directors



Bryan Nicholls, U.S. Underwater Services

1st Vice President
Jay Crofton, Crofton Diving Corporation

2nd Vice President
Bo Ristic, Chet Morrison Contractors, LLC

Bruce Trader, Madcon Corporation

At Large Executive Committee Members

Claudio Castro, STS

Past President
Craig Fortenbery, Mainstream Commerical Divers Inc.

Board of Directors

Tom Maddox,  American Diving Supply
Tom Ulrich, American Marine
Mike Malone,  AMRON International
Travis Detke, Aqueos Corporation
Gary Jones, Broco
Jay Crofton, Crofton Diving Corporation
Bo Ristic, Chet Morrison
Billy Bratkowski,  Epic Divers, Inc.
Daniel Pierson, Global Diving & Salvage

David Dodd,  Infrastructure Engineers, Inc.
Bruce Trader, Madcon Corporation
Craig Fortenbery, Mainstream Commercial Divers
Stevens Tan, Master-Tech Diving Services
Lazaro Del Castillo Olaya, Sebutesa
Richard Fryburg, Subsalve USA Corporation
Kenneth Brooks, Jr., Triton Diving Services

Bryan Nicholls, U S Underwater Services, LLC
Wendell Swilley, Underwater Services


East Coast - Wendell Swilley, Underwater Services International, Inc.
Gulf Coast - Travis Detke, Aqueos Corporation
Midwest - Don Wilkins, Marine Solutions, Inc.
West Coast- Tom Ulrich, American Marine Corporation
Asia-Pacific - Stevens Tan, Master-Tech Diving Services PTE LTD
Latin American & Caribbean - Lazaro Del Castillo Olaya, Sebutesa
Chilean Chapter - Claudio Castro, STS
International Representative, Phil Newsum, ADCI Executive Director

Executive Director

Phil Newsum

Legal Advisor

Douglas Truxillo, Esq. - Onebane, Bernard, et al


ADCI 2017 Standing Committee Chairpersons

Commercial Diving Hall of Fame Committee - Mike Willis

Engineer Diving Committee - Ikaika Kincaid, Infrastructure Engineers, Inc.

Marketing Committee - Jay Crofton, Crofton Diving Services

Physician's Diving Advisory Committee - Dr. Tony Alleman, Occupational Medicine Clinic

Scholarship Committee - Bo Ristic, Chet Morrison

Safety Committee - Bryan Nicholls, U S Underwater Services, LLC

Technical Committee - Tom Ulrich, American Marine Corp.

Saturation Diving Safety Committee - Billy Bratkowski, EPIC Divers and Marine Contractors

*Committee Chairs report to the Board of Directors, but do not vote on Board Items.