Commercial Diver Certification Program

Certification cards issued by recreational agencies are not recognized as qualifying an individual to perform commercial diving activities in the absence of additional formal commercial diving training from an accredited source.

General Requirements

Member companies of the ADCI employ persons to perform as certified commercial divers in the following categories:
  • Entry-level tender/diver
  • Air diver
  • Mixed-gas diver
  • Bell/Saturation diver
  • Air-diving supervisor
  • Mixed-gas diving supervisor
  • Bell/Saturation-diving supervisor
  • Life-support technician
These individuals must be properly trained in accordance with the current edition of the ADCI Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations and will then continue their path of career progression through on-the-job training and demonstrated field and leadership experience. All ADCI general member company diving personnel need to hold a current ADCI certification card reflective of the assigned tasks to be performed. This certification card needs to be obtained within 90 days of employment with a general member company.

Qualifications and Certifications 

Diplomas issued by a civilian or military educational organization are for the purpose of attesting that an individual has received the necessary basic formal training to enter a vocational field. Such instruments should not be used to verify that the graduate can perform in the field without further on-the-job training and experience with actual demonstration of competency.

Scope and Applicability

ADCI has established a program whereby properly trained commercial divers, life-support technicians and saturation technicians can obtain a certification card that indicates their qualification and competency level as defined in the ADCI International Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations.
With the exception of the entry-level tender/diver certification, certification cards issued under this program will be valid for a period of five years from date of issue. Cards can be obtained only by presentation of acceptable documentation that the individual for whom the card is requested has recorded evidence of having completed the requisite training and on-the-job experience necessary to support card issue at the appropriate level of classification.

Diver Certification

Applicants should note that the ADCI Consensus Standards [Section 3] requires all applicants for Commercial Diver Certification Cards to have all dives necessary for granting certification to have been performed within a 24-month period immediately prior to issuance of the designation.

This standard has been adopted to ensure a continuous sequence of participation and maintenance of skills necessary to Safety perform commercial diving activities.

If you have not had an ADCI Certification Card before, you must include a photo and a copy of your dive school diploma or certificate of completion with your application.

Special Note: NAUI, PADI, YMCA, POSSI, CMASand other SCUBA certificates are for recreational diving only and not acceptable under OSHA regulations or ADCI standards for commerical diver training.