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ADCI Surface-Supplied Diver Certifcations (International Endorsement - IMCA Recognized)

This notice is being issued to clarify both the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) and the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) position with regards to the recently developed and recognized ADCI Surface-Supplied Diving Certifications - INTERNATIONAL ENDORSEMENT.  In January of 2018, IMCA announced (see D 01/18 Diver and Diving Supervisor Certification) it would now be recognizing the following ADCI diver certifications:
  • ADCI Surface-Supplied Mixed Gas Diver (HeO2) - INTERNATIONAL ENDORSEMENT

To meet the IMCA’s requirements for recognition, we have made significant revisions to our diver training requirements.  At this point in time, NO IMCA recognized ADCI Surface-Supplied Certifications with the INTERNATIONAL ENDORSEMENT have been issued.  The implementation of the new certifications will be effective 1 August 2018.
Applications for assessment (and top-up if needed) for the ADCI INTERNATIONAL ENDORSEMENT certification will not be accepted before the above date, and it may be some time before the IMCA recognized certificate is awarded to qualified candidates.  Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) and Santa Barbara City College Marine Diving Technology (SBCCMDT) are working collaboratively to provide the assessments and top-ups for individuals that reside within the United States.  The program is going to be piloted very slowly and on a small scale, to ensure that its implementation and oversight meet all requirements.
The qualification will only be provided to individuals who reside within the United States.
It has been reported that there are some individuals stating that they now hold the ADCI (IMCA recognized) diver certification.  This is a false representation of the issuing authority’s certification scheme.  Any diver who misrepresents an ADCI certification will be subject to have their actual certification, as well as the ability to apply for future certifications, permanently revoked.  People who misrepresent their qualifications not only put themselves at risk, but others who may rely upon their skills and ability to assist them.
Should you have any further questions about the ADCI (IMCA recognized) INTERNATIONAL ENDORSEMENT certifications, please contact Nancy Vu at
This Information was sent to further the communication of all industry stakeholders. Safety is the primary concern of the ADCI. Remember: a real-time Job Hazard Analysis is important, but nothing can replace good common sense.

Phil Newsum 
Association of Diving Contractors International

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